All around the world plastic manufacturers produce plastic granulate basically from crude oil, sometimes also from renewable raw materials.

We receive this granulate in tank trucks and store it in silos until it is used in our production process. The granulate is melted in the extruder by means of a conveyor screw and is then pumped to the forming die. The molten plastic comes out at the die and cools down.

The non-expanded films are squeezed through cooled calender rolls and through this technique they obtain their required properties. The expanded films are produced through tubular dies and the melt in the form of a tube is drawn over a cooling mandrel. The film produced in this process is wound onto a reel and is made ready for the deep-drawing process.


If required, we can laminate our expanded film with a thin film before it is further processed. So we can enclose a printed image between the expanded and the laminated film. With this an appealing print on the film can be realised without having direct contact between the food and the printing ink.