Raw material / Plastics

silver plastics® produces most of the pre-films for its own products on its own production lines. Our Extrusion lines process polypropylene (PP) as well as polystyrene (PS) and polyethylenterephthalat (PET), the latter ones are further processed to expanded films. We procure other films from our suppliers, e.g. PET (non-expanded) or barrier films.  

On our Thermoformers and moulds we can process almost all kinds of plastic films into the required moulded parts. 

Polypropylene (PP)
silver plastics® extrudes transparent and coloured films from polypropylene (PP) in any thickness between 0.35mm and 1mm. These films are mainly used for further processing into packaging trays for the meat processing industry. Also reclosable folding boxes, household boxes and deli boxes are produced from these films.

Expanded polystyrene (XPS)
With a specialized equipment technology we can add a propellant gas to polystyrene (PS) during the extrusion process and can thus expand the material. We can extrude the resulting XPS foam film with open cells (similar to a sponge) or with closed cells like in food tainers. Open-cell films can absorb liquids.

expanded polyester (PET)
Packaging material becomes especially environment-friendly when it does not only consist of recycled raw materials but can also boast the lowest possible weight. This is why silver plastics® extrudes polyester (PET) as foam film and then processes this into deep-drawn packaging - airPET®.

Recycling - Sustainability

We also process nearly all internal plastic waste in our own company. If you are familiar with the fact that this can be up to 40% of the plastic processed depending on the kind of production, then you will really appreciate this achievement.

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Of course, we also further develop our production and auxiliary processes. Among other things this is recorded in an energy management system which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

We also closely follow the development with bioplastics, time and again also with our own tests. However, these raw materials can so far not fulfil the requirements of our customers and do therefore not meet our own requirements.

For this reason silver plastics® GmbH & Co. KG has rather chosen the option to save natural resources with intelligently expanded plastics and to use rather plastics from available plastics cycles for this process.