In the thermoforming process a pre-fabricated plastic film is heated to such an extent that it can be formed. After this the formed web is cooled down again and the formed parts are trimmed – you get a tray, a box or a cup or whatever the mould has produced.

By the way, this process can be reversed to a large extent. When you slowly heat a thermoformed cup, it will become flat again. For this reason not all plastic cups can be used for hot beverages, for example cups made of bioplastic polylactidacid = polylactide (PLA) will have become flat even before you can drink your coffee.

Polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) packaging
Our products made of polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) are produced from a pre-fabricated plastic web, which is re-heated in the thermoformer and transported through the machine with chains on each side of the web (left and right). The heated film is pressed into a certain form in a mould by means of pressure air where it is cooled down. After this the formed parts are trimmed out of the web and then stacked. The remaining waste film is ground and processed again / recycled.

Vampirella® was created by silver plastics® and means self-absorbing tray for liquid-leaking food.

Each time you cut meat, the cellular tissue of the meat at the resulting cutting edge is damaged, liquid seeps out. Often this does not look very attractive and – as you say in German: “Das Auge isst mit” (Food should be a feast for the eye) – the liquid should be separated from the meat. Our Vampirella trays have holes in the inside of the tray base, through which the liquid can penetrate into the interior of the foam where it is kept. So the special strength of foamed trays gives the product an additional appetizing benefit. The low weight of the trays underlines the economic use of natural resources.

Food tainers
If products are to be packaged that do not leak any liquids, we also offer expanded polysterene trays (Food tainers) without absorbing function.

Our response to “lighter in weight and recyclable” is called airPET®!
The name says it all: silver plastics® has found a way to produce a foamed and thus light-weight tray with the same stability made from the established recyclable material polyester (PET).