Product description 

MAPpµ® are blanks made of our quality material Vampirella®. 

The high absorption capacity of our expanded polystyrene (XPS) is ideal for the application as soak pad.

Product description 

Soak pads for food packaging are designed to absorb and bind liquids leaking from the product. They are offered in different materials and in different qualities and sizes. Each of these factors is decisive for the absorption capacity and functioning of a soak pad. 

With its MAPpµ® soak pad silver plastics® offers an innovative product and an alternative with advantages over the traditional soak pads. 

They are available with colour-printed lamination. This offers additional and innovative possibilities for after-sales marketing.

Based on the composition and functioning of our Vampirella® trays MAPpµ® soak pads absorb and bind product liquids. Through their form and their positioning in the tray they separate the product from the leaking liquid.

Our MAPpµ® soak pads are available in combination with our trays. Our specially designed soak pads are firmly in place on the base of the tray and perfectly fit to the geometry of the tray.

In addition to all product variations presented here, silver plastics® as the manufacturer can basically produce and offer its certified products in different colours and versions. Learn more about all this from your contact person.