Film thickness counts

You can read about the fact that - in addition to the composition of the film – the film thickness of plastic packaging is decisive when it comes to the shelf-life of the packaged product (food) in our mnemonic for Barrier properties

Different kinds of packaging that appear to be optically identical cannot be distinguished from each other at first glance. Not only the film thickness is decisive, but also the material spreading of the plastic within the processed packaging. If so-called “thin parts”, parts with a lower film thickness, are palpable, visible or measurable, the barrier properties of the material are impaired and consequently also the shelf-life of the packaged food is affected. 

Basically, reduced film thickness saves natural resources, but this can also weaken the stability and the functionality of the packaging – even though this has not been intended. With so-called „upset pressure measurements“, we identify and guarantee load capacities and handling possibilities. 

Sensitive, industrial Protective gas packaging (MAP) with the requirements of an extended Shelf life, demand extremely high product quality and precision.

With our continuous quality assurance we check all important factors of our products.

BCR certified quality products from our production guarantee the highest degree of product safety!