MAP – modified atmosphere

MAP - modified atmosphere packaging - describes closed packaging systems with artificial gas application which undergo a reaction with the packaged product (foodstuff). 

Sealing trays, which are closed and/or thermo-sealed by means of a suitable top film. We are witnessing a continuous development of new material compositions, films and sealing techniques for the special packaging of food. 

Ask for detailed consultation concerning sealing parameters such as material behaviour, tools, barrier effects and other important influential factors. 

Depending on the shelf life  of the food, see also: Shelf life MHD, artificial atmospheres (mixtures of gases) have been developed and added to the packaging. They are designed to slow down the natural spoilage of the food.

For the packaging of fresh meat, two standard mixtures of gases are suitable:

“Air   80/20 mix 70/20/10 mix, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen”

  • By applying a high oxygen content (O2) a fresh red meat colour is preserved.
  • By applying a higher carbon dioxide content (CO2) the multiplication rate of micro-organisms causing spoilage (bacteria) is partly slowed down. 

More information concerning spoilage factors for fresh meat is also given in our presentation: silverplastics_frischfleisch.ppt (available soon) 

silver plastics® MAP trays offer added value.
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