Ready-meals display the preparation and using instructions on their packaging. The statement: “Suitable for preparation in the microwave“, is only partly correct.

Experts are talking about a melting point of the plastic material, which cannot be exceeded without the packaging being damaged and the food possibly being contaminated.

Melting points 

  • PP Polypropylen 120° C
  • PS Polystyrene 240° C *
  • PET Polyethylenterephtalat (Polyesther) 260° C 

Water or food containing water boil at 100 ° C. In a microwave, however, some kinds of food can be heated to higher temperatures. One has to be especially careful with oils and fats, for example in lasagna. These can be heated to up to  226° C and can thus also melt or burn plastics. 

* A thermoplastic deformation can already occur before the actual melting point.

Therefore, special caution is needed with regard to suitability for microwave use in combination with oils and fats!

For menu packing and preparation in microwave and oven, we recommend airPET® packaging.