Systems deliveries for food retailing (LEH)

silver plastics® GmbH & Co. KG trades with its own products but also with a wide range of practical commodity products. Under Products we provide an overview of our complete product range. 

Instead of using several suppliers and possible time-collisions with the acceptance of goods, silver plastics® provides optimised systems. As the manufacturer of fresh meat packaging we have a high know-how and efficient partners in this field, so that we can also provide disposable and hygiene products for the special departments (meat, cheese, fish, hot bistro, etc) at the same time. Very tight schedules for deliveries can be managed effectively, thus saving costs.  

From the customer’s order (EDI - electronic data interchange, possible with silver plastics®) to order processing and warehousing and transport logistics - silver plastics® assumes responsibility for just-in-time delivery. 

With our logistics factor: 48 hours

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silver plastics® trades food tainers and Vampirella® (XPS trays) as  "module packaging" – logistically optimized grouped packaging, containers. Our light XPS trays are packed in poly bags; this reduces the effort and cost of disposal and thus saves money.


Module packaging is ideally designed to fit on EURO pallets and in vehicles – trucks.

Of course they can be easily stacked (safety at work) and stored without using much space.


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Shelf-ready packaging is becoming increasingly established in trade.