Product description 

A responsible handling of the resources available is the driving force for the development of foamed food packaging.
Foamed packaging is particularly light and particularly sustainable because of a low consumption of material.

With airPET®, a foamed rPET, silver plastics® GmbH & Co. KG offers a completely new possibility for innovative, sustainable applications in food packaging.

Product description 


A lot of end users expect a heat resistant packaging for microwave or baking oven applications. The product is prepared in its packaging. Heat resistant ranging from -20 °C to 200 °C 

Through a special material composition and a particular production process airPET® TOUCH achieves these qualities while at the same time staying “cool”.  cool TOUCH 

Also the sealing with a peelable top web is no problem, so that airPET® TOUCH is especially suitable for innovative developments in the Ready-Meal segment. Safe sealing with Easy Peel.

airPET® TOUCH is the one alternative for the ready-meal sector!

We also offer adequate sealing films as well as a compact sealing machine for sealing.


Product description 


Owing to its special properties PET is a unique material. In addition to its easy deformability it can be re-used nearly without any “downcycling” and also has good barrier properties for many MAP applications. This also applies to airPET® MAP. Good barrier properties 

At the same time airPET® MAP has excellent sealing properties in comparison with PET based films. Safe sealing

With airPET® MAP a one-material solution can already be realised today for MAP applications. Mono-packaging

In addition to all the positive features of PET airPET® MAP has another advantage: airPET® is a foamed material with unique tactility properties. Traditional appearance in a new outfit.

Possible applications for a number of uses with MAP.


In addition to all product variations presented here, silver plastics® as the manufacturer can basically produce and offer its certified products in different colours and versions. Learn more about all this from your contact person.