Product description 

silver plastics® food tainers are self-service packaging trays made of expanded polystyrene (XPS). In contrast to our Vampirella® trays they are not self-absorbing. If required, a separate Soak pad can be used or laid in.  

Food tainers are suitable for packaging of fresh foods with a short shelf-life. They are either wrapped in stretch film or sealed with bags. 

We offer different kinds of stretch film for the sealing. 

For the customary standard tray types 60, 70, 73 and S3, which are also available as Vampirella® trays, we offer high OPS lids for closing.

Product description 

silver plastics® trays, which are suitable for machine processing, feature low weight and high stability at the same timee. We offer a wide range of customary standard models in different sizes, depths and colours. 

In addition to all product variations presented here, silver plastics® as the manufacturer can basically produce and offer its certified products in different colours and versions. Learn more about all this from your contact person.