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Light, lighter, XPS Food Trays from silver plastics.
Whether cheese, patty or cake - whether film or lid...


Our Food-Trays are prepacked trays made of foamed polystyrene (XPS).  Unlike our Vampirella®, these are non-absorbent. For this purpose, a separate soak pad can be inserted if required.

Food Trays are suitable for packaging fresh food with a short  shelf life. For this purpose, they are either wrapped with stretch film or packed in bags.

We offer different stretch films for wrapping.

For the common standard tray types 60, 73 and S3, which are also available as Vampirella® trays, we offer OPS lids of different heights for closing.

Their low weight and at the same time high stability distinguish silver plastics® machine-compatible trays. We offer a variety of common standard types in different sizes, depths and colours.

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