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Our self-absorbing XPS alternative to conventional soak pads.

Absorbent pads in food packaging are designed to absorb and bind escaping product liquids. These pads are available in various materials, qualities and sizes. Each of these factors determine the absorbency and function of an absorbent board.
With MAPpµ® absorbent boards, silver plastics® offers an innovative product and an alternative with advantages over established soak pads.
They are available with colour printed laminations, offering additional and new possibilities for after-sales marketing.

Based on the composition and functionality of our Vampirella® trays, MAPpµ® absorbent boards absorb and bind product fluids. Due to their shape and positioning in the tray, they separate liquids from the product.
You receive our MAPpµ® absorbent boards in combination with our trays. Clinged on the bottom of the tray, the specially designed absorbent boards fit perfectly into the adapted tray geometry.

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